D.O.R.S - Dynamic or Static - Powered by Neocities!

Dynamic or Static

This is a simple directory designed to help
Web users identify whether their Neocities
site is dynamic or static.


Dynamic content means that your Neocities
is ever changing, and that you may tinker,
upload, or create content on a whim.

This label should be advised when you plan to
constantly update, so that your site may show
in feeds and activity around Neocities.


Static means that you have created content
and it is not likely to change.
This could apply to loading screens, splashes
or network portals to other websites.


The buttons are a little basic,
but feel free to make your own examples
or use a text-based link!

banners generated with <3

my site is: static
my site is: dynamic

Examples of Use

You can direct link this image on
Your splash page, site page or
any reference point for your visitors
it may be best at first contact